1953 Wolverine, Jet Roller Coaster in Original Box

1953 Wolverine, Jet Roller Coaster in Original Box

Super steel litho mechanical toy complete with original jet coaster car and original box. The toy originally sold through the 1953 Sears catalog for $1.49.

Advertised as..."different, fascinating action with the accent on high speed performance. Car is elevated to upper track by motor-driven lift arm. With breathtaking speed, it coast down to lower track speeding to the top at the other end. Then reverses its direction, coasting underneath the tracks to be elevated again. Action repeated many times."

That pretty much says it all although it's just "slightly" exaggerated. This red, white, and blue version is all original and in excellent+ condition. It appears to have been barely used and works great. Instructions for its operation were lithoed onto the bottom of the toy. Toy works great; consistently without any hesitation.

The original box was illustrated with an accurate drawing of the actual toy. It's compared ethereally with the image of a real roller coaster in the upper left corner. Opposite panels show just the toy without the coaster park drawing. The endflaps include the toy name, manufacturer name and logo.

Size: 2½" wide. 21" long when fully extended. 

Sold: Jan. 2007

Price Sold: $ 394


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