1954 Marx, Sparkling Luxury Liner in Original Box

1954 Marx, Sparkling Luxury Liner in Original Box

Awesome steel litho friction drive "Sparkling Luxury Liner" by Marx. Comes complete with original box. Scarce toy produced only one year and sold exclusively though the 1954 Sears Christmas catalog. Toy is unused and in near mint+ to mint condition. Owned by former Marx employee. 

Beautiful toy includes three embossed decks plus a raised tower in the center. Multicolored red, white and blue with blue tinted bubbled solarium towards the bow. Inside the bubble you can see lithoed cushioned furniture. This is also the same area where the sparks are emitted....and yes, it still sparks! Litho details include rear pool area flanked by six multicolored umbrellas. Adjacent to the pool is a large shuffle board court and embossed awnings. "Caribbean" and "Luxury" lithoed on both sides of the hull. Even the anchor was included. 

This is a steel litho toy, not tin. It has rolled metal edges all around. It moves on three solid rubber black tires (two forward, one rear). The underside was left open. It was advertised in the '54 Sears catalog with the following lines,

"Uses the floor for the ocean. Good replica of the modern steamship of tomorrow. Made of steel with many details lithographed in bright colors. Easily operated friction motor propels liner. Sparks are visible through transparent housing of toy atomic motor unit in bow of ship." It sold for 94¢.

The red, white, and blue box features a large panel illustration of the ship drawn in perspective. The name of the toy, manufacturer name and address, and logo were included. Opposite panels have a different drawing showing the left side of the liner plowing through the ocean. An insert on the left end surrounded by nautical rope, includes directions. Essentially they indicate that if you want it to go faster, you'll have to push it faster."

Size: 14½". 

Sold: Dec. 2006

Price Sold: $ 191


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