1970 TPS Ford Mustang Stunt Car In Original Box

1970 TPS Ford Mustang Stunt Car In Original Box

Awesome battery operated tin litho Ford Mustang Stunt vehicle manufactured by TPS (Toplay Ltd.). Fantastic near mint+ to mint condition and works great. Comes complete with original box.

Stunt action features 360° barrel roll using a cam and lever mechanism while the car is moving. The front wheels are movable for setting direction. And best of all it works great!

Mustang is a brilliant mandarin orange coupe with black roof and black and yellow checkerboard stripe running the entire length of the car. "Stunt" lithoed on the roof and doors. Sides also include "flame" insignia and "Mach1". "MUSTANG" is embossed across the rear trunk. Lots of embossing which includes high front hood scoop, hood vent, and "lines" which delineate hood, trunk, and doors.

Also has lotsa chrome plated metal parts including front grille, bumper, and one-piece rear bumper and taillight assembly. Windshield frames and wheel covers are also plated. Interior has twin bucket seats, full dashboard and carpeted rear window ledge with TPS trademark. Chassis is single plate black lithoed metal with plastic battery cover. Three tires are vinyl, the fourth is rubber (for road grab). Front and rear windshields are tinted blue plastic.

The box is illustrated with a large image of the stunt car and driver. Diagrams on the left end of the box advertise barrel roll action and steering mechanism. The front and rear aprons dramatize the barrel roll movement in more detail. Side panels repeat the top cover image.

Size: 10½"

Date Sold: Mar. 2010

Price Sold: $ 79


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