1948 Marx, Checkered Green Tricky Taxi in Original Box

1948 Marx, Checkered Green Tricky Taxi in Original Box

Wonderful green, black and pale yellow example of Marx's classic tin litho Tricky Taxi. In amazing excellent+ to near mint condition (actually closer to near mint). Works great and comes with original (and correct) Marx die cast metal key. Vehicle comes with its original box, post-war version.

Advertised as "what keeps it from running off the table", it's supposed to make an abrupt turn whenever it nears the edge of its running surface, but that's not always the case. For this reason, although fairly easy to find, the Tricky Taxi is usually found in well played with condition. High grade pieces like the one can be as scarce as some of the 1920's Marx vehicles.

This particular example with checkered siding was produced after WWII. It also has a post-1939 Marx logo. The car is a two tone coupe with embossed chrome plated V-style grille assembly accentuated by its low, streamlined front hood and sloping rear trunk. The rear tires, one rimmed with rubber and the other tin, along with a third vertically placed tire, are responsible for moving it randomly in every direction. The two front tires are dummies. 

The underside has a single, solid plate chassis which has been tabbed at the rear. The car actually performs its erratic movements by pivoting on the metal bubble located on the front left corner of the chassis.

The key is an original Marx key and correct for this toy. 

The box has an illustration showing the Taxi balanced precipitously on an table edge. a simple text style. The opposite panels show a gear like cartoon character smiling up at the Marx logo. The car is shown in several positions and a large question mark is along the right edge. It originally had hinged endflaps. All six original flaps were long gone. A slider box was made to strengthen the remaining panels and prevent it from further damage. 

Size: 4½".

Sold: May 2007

Price Sold: $ 134


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