1963 Taiyo Ford Friction Police Dept Car In Original Box

1963 Taiyo Ford Friction Police Dept Car In Original Box

Large 4-door tin litho in pristine NM+ cond w illus box

Superb friction drive, tin litho Ford "Police Dept. Car" manufactured by Taiyo in Japan. Awesome near mint+ condition complete with original box.

Beautiful black and white lithography highlighted with embossed gold red, and blue details. "FORD" is lithoed across the forward edge of the front hood.

Interior seating is all embossed tin litho. The Taiyo trademark is located on the center rear windshield well. Steering wheel is plastic. Side molding, front hood scoop, hood vent, etc, are all embossed (i.e., raised metal).

Also includes these chrome plated parts; wrap around front bumper with double headlights, rear bumper, front and rear windshield frames, and raised wheel covers. Interesting to point out that wheel centers have "FD" logo instead of PD. Taiyo produced an identical Fire Dept. Car. which were mistakenly used on this car. Underside chassis is solid black plate. I believe this was a Ford Galaxie.

In addition it has a moving plastic emergency roof light and friction motor produced "siren" sound. Tires are solid black rubber. Windshields are the original factory celluloid. The rear windshield is also blue tinted.

And best of all the friction motor works great!

Original box illustrated with a panel wide drawing of the Police Car complete with driver and buddy. Side views of the car were printed on the front and rear aprons. The toy name appears on all panels and aprons.

It's interesting to point out that Bill Gallagher's book on Tin Toy Cars lists only battery operated versions of this Police car. These models also had slightly different lithography.

Size: 12½"

Date Sold: Feb. 2010

Price Sold: $ 143


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