1923 Marx, Rex-Racer The Speedy Automobile in Original Box

1923 Marx, Rex-Racer The Speedy Automobile in Original Box

The Rex-Racer is the earliest mechanical tin litho racing car produced by Marx. It's also one of the company's first toys. It was created only two years after Marx built his first manufacturing plant. At 89 years old it's difficult to find this toy complete and in good working condition, which is why I was floored when I noticed it had its original box! 

This superb, mechanical spring powered automobile is complete with all original parts. It's all tinplate lithographed dark red and accented with black trim,  yellow disc wheels and trunk mounted spare tire. The driver is dark blue with pink tone face and steering wheel.

One unique aspect to the toy is its early design. Every part is a separate, distinct piece. Even the floorboard/interior was separately tabbed to the underside of the body. Similar to Marx's Sparks Racer produced in 1928 the driver and car body slant forward to give it an appearance of speed without moving.

The radiator has a hole in the top, but it was not originally produced with a hood ornament (although it's shown with one on the box). The front wheels and axle can be directed right or left.

The Racer comes complete with its incredibly rare original box. The front panel illustration shows two Racers speeding through the countryside. Notice that the driver is wearing a pair of very early wrap-around eyepiece goggles. It's printed in tones of red and brown and highlighted in black. The two side panels bear the Rex-Racer name spelled out with a blocky type text. Neatly scrolled underneath it reads "The Speedy Automobile". Both endflaps were torn off, lost, and replaced (see last box photo). 

Size: 8¼". 

Sold: Jun.2005

Price Sold: $ 1325


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