1950 Wolverine, Diesel Pull Train in Original Box

1950 Wolverine, Diesel Pull Train in Original Box

Superb mint in box unused store stock from the Crown 5¢ and 10¢ near Harrisburg, PA. Includes two lithographed pressed steel elongated diesel train cars. Complete with original pull string (never attached) and excellent+ original box with insert. Originally cost $1.79  through Sears Roebuck. Crown 5¢ and 10¢ was selling it for $1.98 marked down to 98¢.

Beautiful orange, green, black and white pressed steel train cars with enclosed undercarriages, wooden wheels, and steel coupling strip. Both are embossed with flattened siding and roof ribbing. Diesel locomotive lithoed with train engineer and cross-hatched side windows. Passenger car shows different silhouettes of the occupants "inside". Both front and sides were done this way to give it a three dimensional perspective. 

When pulled the locomotive has an internal ringing bell. The original pull string is still tie wrapped around the car. Instructions on the box for tying it to the lead car indicate this is how it came out of the factory. The first time both cars were removed from the box was for these photographs. 

Original box features a terrific illustration printed in colors which match the train. It shows a sprite, young lad playing with the toy. The cars are shown in perspective. Perspective illustrations of the train were also printed on all four side flaps in color. The back of the box is blank and includes instructions and operation.

Size: Both are 17½" x 3¾".

Sold: Jun. 2005

Price Sold: $ 326


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