1964 Aurora Gigantic Frankenstein In Original Box

1964 Aurora Gigantic Frankenstein In Original Box

Fantastic recent find!! I purchased this Gigantic Frankenstein plastic model monster from it's original builder/owner. The guy did an amazing paint job and for some reason he held onto its highly prized original box! Not only that he kept the original instruction sheet as well!

The owner of this model treated his toys like gold. He was careful that no one touched it without his supervision and carefully stored it when he went off to college. The model itself is complete with both arms, feet, and the very scarce chained headstone. As you can see he really did an incredible job painting and gluing it together. The only part where he had any difficulty was cementing the "U-ring" into the headstone, but even then he did a great job cleaning up excess glue.

As it says on the box, this is one gigantic model. It stands nearly 20" tall. The original rubber band still holds the movable arms in place. It's lost its elasticity so the arms won't stay up unless they're held in position. It has both original neck terminals, all 17 original gold chain links, plus "FR" headstone.

The box is awesome! The condition (detailed below) is unbelievable. This box is huge measuring over 18" x 15" x 5". It was printed in full color on every panel and includes photographs of the model and kids. The front cover features an amazing close-up of an illustrated Frankenstein in full color. The same illustration is used on all four aprons, plus the photos are repeated. And underneath it all it says "Universal Pictures Co., Inc.. The complete and original box bottom is all there as well. It's only the second complete box I've seen for this model.

And if that wasn't enough the original brochure style instruction sheet was still inside the box. Frankly, it's the first one of these I've ever seen. "Four" fold out pages printed in black and white and marked Aurora Plastics Corp. Yes, there are stains in it, but amazingly enough it doesn't have a single tear. Despite the stains everything is legible and unfaded.

Size: Frankie 19½" x 12" x 6". Box 18" x 15" x 5".

Date Sold: Oct. 2009

Price Sold: $ 676


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