1964 Hubley, "This Is The Secret Rifle" in Original Box

1964 Hubley,

Two years before the James Bond craze, Hubley produced this "This Is The Secret Rifle".  It was promoted as a "Military" toy at a time when western toys were at their highest popularity. Vietnam was virtually unheard of, and it would be another three years before spy toys made their debut. It's untimely niche in the toy world coupled with its whopping $11.79 price tag made it fade quickly into obscurity. Production was halted after only a few months. Today, it's considered to be the most difficult to find of all the early 1960's secret agent spy rifles. This near mint+ pristine example is unused and complete with its original box. It's the only one I've seen. 

It's a combination of plastic, pressed steel, and die cast metal. The metal parts are all chrome plated. Holding the front grip firmly and pulling back on the shoulder stock expands the compact gun while simultaneously cocking the firing mechanism. To make it smaller again just click the metal lever in front of the grip. This releases the barrel and shoulder support pulling them into the frame. This happens quickly. The rear grip also draws in slightly, covering the trigger which enables it to fire only when fully extended. 

The box was printed with a portrait of the gun to actual size. The cover is hinged along the back and it lifts up from the front for display. The narrow front panel slopes out at an angle and has the name of the toy printed in blocked silver letters. Instructions are printed on the inside cover. The insert secures it while it's fully extended. 

I tried the mechanism including firing it and everything works great. It also requires some strength to extend the gun fully from a closed position, but once accomplished it fired off a few rounds, making a loud "BRAAP" sound and then stops. The number of rounds it fired was short. Less than 10. A spring loaded magazine clip fits into the front grip. Extremely realistic looking bullets are loaded into the clip and eject when you pull the trigger. There are five bullets. The rifle must be cocked every time to activate the firing mechanism. I'd recommend not pulling on the mechanism too abruptly or too often. It's not broken or cracked, but after 45 years the materials are probably fragile. 

Size: 32" extended, 17" collapsed. Box 34" x 10". 

Sold: Jan. 2006

Price Sold: $ 289


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