c.1955 Gotham Steel, Streamliner Pool Table In Original Box

c.1955 Gotham Steel, Streamliner Pool Table In Original Box

Tough to find one of these all-steel kid size pool tables in high grade. This one was old store stock and only recently opened for the first time. Manufactured by the Gotham Pressed Steel Corporation it comes complete with steel lithoed pool table, all 15 balls, 2 wooden cues with original vinyl tips, and metal triangle. The set comes with its original box.

The 25" x 15" x 4" table features reinforced sides lithoed with a wood grain pattern. The table itself is all steel including the legs. The pockets are also reinforced with an additional layer of polished steel. The table top is some kind of Masonite covered with flocking. The edges, between the pockets, are lined with green colored ¼" thick rubber. It has a metal, automatic pool return underneath the table consisting of three conduits or gutters (two one each side and one on one end). This end or front of the return is angled in the center to gather up the balls. It's not bent which it may look like in photo 4. It has its complete original Gotham label on one end.

It comes will all 15 balls in their separate, hinged cardboard box. They're ¾" diameter and appear to be hard vinyl with leaded weights. Each is numbered with a painted, not decal or sticker, number. The cues are turned wood, 21" long, and have their original black vinyl tips. No chalk is necessary. The triangle is a 4" triangular wood lithoed steel.

The box is heavy duty cardboard featuring a printed illustration of the table on one side. A "list of contents" printed on this panel indicates that it had an instruction sheet which is no longer with the set.

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 79


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