c.1950 Marx, 4-Way Lumar Construction Co. Dump Truck in Original Box

c.1950 Marx, 4-Way Lumar Construction Co. Dump Truck in Original Box

Magnificent steel litho manual dump truck with scoop. The amount of lithograph detail is more than any other truck I can recall. Even the underside of the dump bed was covered with geometric designs. I've never seen or heard of this model before. I could find no reference to it in any guide or catalog. It's in gleaming near mint+ to mint condition and is complete with its original illustrated box.

The "4-Way" name refers to the scoop mechanism, not the dump bed. Scoop, haul, load, and dump are the four ways. There is no side dump.

This must be of the earliest Lumar trucks. The cab design is seen on many early to mid-1950's Marx trucks, however the blue trailer with extended tear drop fenders is definitely a 1940's design. It's the only Lumar truck I can recall seeing with all lithographed steel wheels. Typically they're rubber, or rubber with metal hubs. The plastic air horns on the roof are almost always found on later models. The manual dump lever has a wooden knob on the end.

The entire truck is spectacular with red, yellow, and black designs. The cab coloration was used on some other mid-50's models, but the dump bin is altogether different from anything I've seen with extensive geometric patterns. The sides and overhang are embossed. Rivet heads are lithoed on all corners, around the edges of the cab overhang (both top and underside), on the inside floor of the dump bed, and incredibly enough on the underside of the dump bed. The exterior bed sides spell out "D-U-M-P" in large block letters. Tabs extending around the front corners are metal riveted to the front red dump panel. Usually they're folded into place without rivets. The exterior overhang has the name "Lumar Construction Company". The Marx logo appears on the tailgate and driver's door. 

The tires are two piece overlapped pressed steel disks. Treads, sidewall, and wheel hubs are all shown. "Louis Marx & Co.," appears onto the sidewalls. 

The yellow and white box is printed with black text and illustrations. Two, nearly full panel illustrations were used.

Size: 15". 

Sold: Oct. 2005

Price Sold: $ 566


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