1948 Budson Co., Flash Gordon Air Ray Gun in Original Box

1948 Budson Co., Flash Gordon Air Ray Gun in Original Box

A singularly remarkable example of one of the most sought after classic ray guns ever produced. This Flash Gordon Air Ray Gun is in near mint condition and complete with it's very scarce original box. I purchased it from a collector who bought it as "never used store stock" several years ago. It is ALL original including paint, parts, and decal. Most impressive of all....it still works!

One of the best sci-fi toy reference books, "Blast Off", published in 2001 says about the Air Ray Gun, "a working gun is hard to find because the rubber diaphragm, so crucial to the air blast, has invariably rotted away." Like the Buck Rogers Liquid Helium Pistol collectors have come to expect it not to work. However, somehow this one escaped the ravages of time. It works, and it works well using the original rubber diaphragm. 

The toy is of superior construction consisting of red enameled, riveted, pressed steel. The wide silver, circular ring is aluminum. The super cool design and solidness of the toy makes it feel, and look, very realistic.

The original box is absolutely fantastic. It has separate, full panel color illustrations of Flash and Dale Arden. The two remaining main panels have accurately rendered drawings of the Air Ray Gun firing a blast. The endflaps include different portrait drawings of Flash and Dale. It's one of the few early toy boxes where every panel, including the endflaps, has a different illustration.

Size: 10" long and 7" tall. 

Sold: Oct. 2005

Price Sold: $ 922


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