1977-78, 5 Marvel Superhero Toys

1977-78, 5 Marvel Superhero Toys

Five unused plastic Marvel superhero toys originally sold 1977-78. I originally bought these in a 5¢ and 10¢ store in 1978 for birthday gifts, but never gave them away. Only the Spider-Man Sunglasses were partially removed from the card, but they were not taken out or worn. The card was left untouched. The plastic bubble was then resealed. That was over 20 years ago. The other four items are still factory sealed. All have been stored away from light. They were all produced by the well known company, "Hong Kong".

The Amazing Spiderman Sunglasses (1977) - 9" x 6" card unpunched, 5" wide glasses

Marvel Superheroes Stamp Set (1978) - 7" x 10" card unpunched, 8 stamps, stamp pad and note book all sealed in original bubble.

Incredible Hulk Wallet (1978) - 4½" x 7¼" card punched, wallet 3¼" x 3½", all vinyl with color cover print. Unused on car. 

Spider-Man Super Sleeper Yo-Yo (c.1977 not dated) - 5" x 7" card unpunched, 2¼" diameter yo-yo, pink plastic with color sticker and original string, unused on card. 

Incredible Hulk Super Flash Light (1978) - 5" x 7" card punched, 3½" long flash light with separate original battery, toy in mint unused condition.

Sold: Jul. 2007

Price Sold: $ 100


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