1961 Ichiko, Plymouth International T.V. Car in Original Box

1961 Ichiko, Plymouth International T.V. Car in Original Box

Superb battery operated tin litho two door Plymouth station wagon with revolving rooftop T.V. cameraman. Comes complete with original box. Accurately detailed auto authentically based on the Plymouth Sport Suburban station wagon.

Scarce battery op features random bump-n-go vehicle action with simultaneous cameraman movement. It also produces a metallic whirring sound as it moves. The "blinking" action (as indicated on the box) is caused by the reflection of light off the camera's translucent side panels. 

Embossed, tin litho automobile with beautifully detailed checkerboard chrome grille and wrap around bumpers. Front end is accented with gold plated dual head lamps and authentically styled grille ornament. Rear end includes gold plated parking lights and clear red plastic taillights. Includes both original front hood rear view plastic mirrors, detailed tin litho interior, tinted celluloid windshield, frosted celluloid side and rear windows (rear window opens/closes), metal roof rack with plastic clips, chrome plated front and rear windshield trim, chrome plated side-view window trim, gold plated hood air intake grille, solid rubber tires with tin litho metal hubs, plastic steering wheel, and "PLYMOUTH" license plate.

The cameraman is plastic with movable arms and body. The camera is hard styrene plastic with revolving lenses. Both are fixed to a circular tin litho base which has a "compass-point" floor design. 

The "International T.V. Car" box features a neat color illustration of the auto in front of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. The side panels have an identical graphic, but in black and white. 

Size: 12¼" long. 

Sold: Sep. 2005

Price Sold: $ 780


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