1934 Marx City Coal Co. Dump Truck in Original Box

1934 Marx City Coal Co. Dump Truck in Original Box

Beautiful, yet super scarce, Marx City Coal Co. Dump Truck. Heavy gauge tin litho, mechanical wind-up motor, and complete with original driver and original box. Really tough toy to find especially with its original box. In fact it's only the 2nd I've ever seen. The last one was over seven years ago. 

This is a Mack style truck although it doesn't have the earlier 1920's style cab and hood. Lithoed with orange and pale yellow cab/hood, dummy headlights, black roof, frame, and fenders, red exterior dump bed with black details, blue interior dump bed, and double sided metal disk wheels with black rims and orange centers. It has its original driver. The dump bed is raised manually using the lever located on the left side. 

It runs forward using a strong spring wound motor with attached key. It works great! The front axle can be positioned into one of three notches to run straight, right, or left. 

The box, which is correct for this toy, has the same "generic" Mack Dump Truck illustration used by Marx for several of their earlier produced trucks. Printed in red and green it shows driver and passenger (left side) with a coal load leaving the mill. The opposite panels show the truck (right side) being loaded with coal from a large steam shovel. The Marx motto "....have you all of them" was printed on both endflaps. It's complete with all 8 original flaps. 

Size: 13½". 

Sold: Dec. 2011

Price Sold: $ 610


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