c.1955 Masudaya Atomic Rocket X201 w/Propeller in Original Box

c.1955 Masudaya Atomic Rocket X201 w/Propeller in Original Box

Here's an early tin litho friction rocket from Masudaya that I've never seen before. Called Atomic Rocket X201 with Prop it features the classic Japanese designed rocket with three narrow arrow-like streamlined fins which extend beyond the exhaust port. And it comes complete with its original box!

The unusual thing about this rocket is the large soft plastic, red, triple blade propeller connected to the top of the fuselage. It uses a friction motor to rotate the gyro on the top of the fuselage. The prop has a slot on the underside which locks into a tab on the top of the gyro. Get it going fast enough and the propeller takes off! I wanted to avoid scratching the underside of the toy so I just tried it once to make sure it worked....which it does.

The X201 is predominately red, with a white stripe down the center and a blue nose. The center fin with lithoed with a Saturn-like planet on each side. The two side fins each have a single blue and yellow lightning bolt.

The underside has a yellow and blue stripe down the center which has a rivet-like appearance.  The Masudaya trademark lies near this stripe adjacent to the exhaust. Friction is generated using two large rubber tires. There's also a small balancing wheel in the rear. 

The box cover was printed with two propeller rockets blasting through space. One of them just launched its red prop. The other still carries its green prop. The toy name and manufacturer's trademark were printed along side. 

Size: 7¾". 

Sold: Oct. 2012

Price Sold: $ 276


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