1933 Girard, Electric Lighted Coupe Deluxe in Original Box

1933 Girard, Electric Lighted Coupe Deluxe in Original Box

This clockwork driven Electric Lighted Coupe Deluxe is most likely the finest pressed steel Girard vehicle that I've ever found.  It comes complete with it's original factory printed illustrated box. 

I've seen only four Girard boxes from this series. They were all two piece boxes with printed text on plain cardboard and a hinged lid. Prior to finding this example I wasn't aware that an illustrated version existed. Although the style may look familiar, to my knowledge the name and color combination have never been documented. I initially made the purchase only to acquire the box. It's anonymity, however, is only part of the story.

When I purchased this toy at a country auction nearly a year and a half ago it was completely covered with some type of thin black residue. I thought it was stained and couldn't even tell what color it was. Exterior, interior, tires, bulbs...everything was coated. Only bare metal and the brass lamp sockets were not covered with the stuff. It was still inside the box wrapped in some kind of waxed paper which had almost completely disintegrated. 

Once I looked it over more carefully I could tell that underneath all that crud was a 73 year old toy that had never been played with. Tire rims, exposed edges and corners, bumpers, etc. were all perfect. Not a scratch. It looked like it had never been taken out of the box. I'm sure that the blackening had something to do with it. 

The box needed some restoration. I decided to have the car examined at the same time to see if anything was salvageable. I was very surprised to find out that the black stuff could be removed, but there was a chance that it might take the paint along with it. There was nothing to lose so I had cleaned up. Just about 18 months later when I got the car back I couldn't believe what I saw. Pristine cream colored surfaces contrasted against a chocolate brown chassis and roof; and all original!  From top to bottom, end to end, it was the original factory paint. Not a touch-up. Not a repaint. 

All parts including the working headlamps and taillight, fold down luggage carrier, and all six solid rubber embossed tires are original. An awesome combination that I've never seen before, but then again I've never seen the box before either.

Heavy gauge, embossed pressed steel Coupe with raised fenders and running boards. Embossed "V" style front grille. Pale cream colored enameled body with chocolate brown roof, fenders, bumpers, running boards, and grille. Tires are black solid rubber embossed "Balloon" and "Girard". Includes two additional front fender, "axle-mounted" spare tires. Powered by strong wind-up clockwork motor with attached key. Adjacent bell mechanism underneath the chassis rings once for each revolution of the rear axle. Stop/star lever on right rear tire. Features 70+ year old battery operated flat style electrified glass head lamps and extended red tail light. Lights controlled using interior switch near dashboard. Wiring, leads, battery case and cover are all original. Motor works beautifully and all three lamps shine brightly. 

Additional features include front bumper/wheel assembly which can be turned right or left, hinged exterior rear luggage carrier, embossed tonneau roof, embossed running boards, embossed front hood divider with six louvers on each side, and rear 711 license plate.

Red, white, and blue box features panel wide art deco illustration of the Coupe Deluxe with glowing headlamps. Drawing accurately depicts the actual toy. Casually chatting in front of the car is a fashionable couple dressed in "high society" tennis attire. Blended into the blue background are white line illustrations of 1930's glamour including an elegant business couple, a park fountain, trees, and shrubbery. Spelled out in art deco capitalized letters the "Electric Lighted Coupe" logo with a blue lightning bold is shown on the two side panels. The fourth panel is blank. Endflaps printed with "Coupe Deluxe".

Size: 15" x 4¾" wide x 5" tall. 

Sold: 896

Price Sold: $ 896


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