1919 Wolverine Mfg. Co., Bizzy Andy Trip Hammer in Original Box

1919 Wolverine Mfg. Co., Bizzy Andy Trip Hammer in Original Box

This Bizzy Andy Trip Hammer by Wolverine is one of those toys that I really hated to give up. Although it occasionally shows up as parts, or once in a while an intact unit, this example is by far the highest grade I've seen. Phenomenal near mint+ complete with all six hand-made clay marbles, plus the box for the marbles (which I've never found before) and its awesome near mint+ original box. It looks fantastic and works flawlessly.

The concept is simple enough, although the engineering behind it probably was not. Place the marbles into the green hopper chute. Slightly pull up on the black cantilevered weight and release it. A  black cylindrical container called the Hammer Head strikes a lever under the chute to release a single marble. A rod passed through the side of the Hammer Head keeps the marble from falling through the bottom. The weight of the marble lowers the Head while simultaneously pulling back the rod which holds it in place. This allows the marble to drop through the open bottom end of the Head into a yellow metal container attached to the base. Once it's been released the lever raises again to grab he next marble.  

Its mesmerizing action, durability, and 47¢ retail price made it a hit with the kiddies, which is why after 87 years it's tough to find one that's complete and not rusted or bent. For some reason it was used, or played with only a handful of times The condition of the clay marbles tell the story. They chip easily, fade, and crack over time, but not on this set!    

The original box features a schematic illustration of the toy with each individual part labeled. Using a somewhat complicated set of instructions printed on the cover it assembles easily. The name of the toy is printed on each box apron.  Incredibly it also contains the original box insert which holds the marbles to keep them from banging around.  

Size: 10½" x 8" x 3¼".

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 552


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