1938 A.C. Gilbert, Fun With Electricity in Original Box

1938 A.C. Gilbert, Fun With Electricity in Original Box

Fantastic A.C. Gilbert, Fun With Electricity playset in near mint condition in the original box. Features a terrific 1930's era, full color illustrated-photo box of a grinning lad illuminating an incandescent lamp, while staring off into the distance.

I've inventoried the contents using the original manual and the set is complete down to every screw and wire. The only component in the manual which is not part of the set are dry cell batteries. These were probably sold separately in case they leaked. In addition, there is no space, or cut outs in the insert which would've accommodated them. The set consists of a large, thin box, containing a "chuck-a-luck" of stuff. 

Includes the following: 32 page "Fun with Electricity" manual,  north and south magnetic bars, telegraph key and base, experiment base, ebonite rod, glass rod, "L" shaped metal rod, incandescent lamp, porcelain lamp socket, zinc electrode rod, carbon electrode rod, stirrup rod, compass, connecting wires, two copper solenoids, compass, fiber holder, buzzer components, metal power pack, metal angle yoke, armature spring, electric bell with mounted solenoid, two electric motor halves, a wire wound motor armature, 3" axle, pulley, motor gear, axle gear, two axle supports (called "car trucks"), axle lock, and 13 aluminum insert clips. 

In addition there are five glass jars with metal screw-on caps. Two of them contain chemicals; ammonium chloride and powdered iron. These have never been opened. The remaining three jars contains miscellaneous parts and are labeled as "parts". All five jars have their original labels intact. The three parts jars contain the following; a flannel cloth, silk cloth, needles mounted onto cork, black silk cord, elastic band, copper wire, two ½" ebonite rods, three cork squares, two knurled brass rings with brass screws, two wire terminal connectors, two ½" threaded hexagonal rods, six ½" brads, ¼" knurled threaded ring, six 3/8" washers, five square nuts, five hexagonal nuts, small threaded locking screw, and 13 screws of various sizes. The size and number of the screws matches that required in the manual.

The original box bottom and top are complete along with the original cardboard insert and the original factory paper packing. 

Size: 13" x 20½" x 1½". 

Sold: Feb. 2006

Price Sold: $ 204


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