1951 Banner No 601 Delivery Truck In Original Box

1951 Banner No 601 Delivery Truck In Original Box

Extraordinary unsold store stock toy! Fabulous pressed steel "Delivery Truck" manufactured by Banner Plastics, Corp., in unused, unplayed with condition in its original box.

The baked enamel painted surface is sort of in-between orange and red. It's all this color except for the interior surface of the tail gate which is yellow. The truck is a stake model with fence-like pick-up bed sides. It has that characteristic Banner cab (which is more easily looked at in my photo's than I could explain) with sloping front hoot and short running boards. The grille, headlights, and front bumper is a single piece of embossed, chrome plated steel. It has a 7½" long bed with raising, fold down tail gate. The black enameled wheels are stamped, tread embossed and double sided.

The box is printed with a single color and is tabbed locked on one end. The other end has a standard hinged endflap. The simple images are of a 1950's period boy and girl, situated on either box end with the truck in the center taking up most of the panel. The opposite panels show a side view of the truck with the tail-gate down. The locking tabbed flaps were nicely designed showing only a small side view of the truck at the bottom. The end with the hinged endflaps show the truck again from the side. Product name, manufacturer, address and catalog number were printed above and below this illustration.

I purchased this toy from the estate of the original store owner.

Size: 13".

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 262


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