1950 Kenton, No. 170 Two Horse Covered Wagon in Original Box

1950 Kenton, No. 170 Two Horse Covered Wagon in Original Box

Absolutely pristine cast iron "Two Horse Covered Wagon" in rare mint condition! Unsold store stock never played with, complete with original box, wagon cover, envelope (for wagon cover), and box divider. Deep rich colors throughout. Paint is all original without any touch-up or repairs. Measures 15" when connected.

This was Kenton's high end toy for 1950 and was intended to lead the resurrection for cast iron toys in general. Two years later the company was dissolved.

It's complete and all original right down to the chains and reins. I took great care in attaching the wagon cover to avoid scratching. There are no scuffs or scratch marks where the hitch connects to the frame on the underside of the wagon.  Horses, driver, gold embellishment around the seat, pressed steel wagon bed, and all four wheel rims are perfect.

The yellow canvas cloth cover is uniform in color with a just a couple of tiny dark specks caused by rusting staple from the envelope it was in. There are no tears and the stitching is all in place. Includes original envelope for the cover which has printed instructions for assembly. Just a hole where the staple was.

Includes complete original box which is in excellent condition. Creasing due to squishing slightly is present on one long edge. Label is about 90% complete with a faint drip stain running down one end. This end of the box has several penciled notations and seems to be overall lighter in shade. Probably due to whatever caused the drip (which did not affect the contents). Also includes original cardboard divider. Original price of $3.49 inflates to $33.25 for 2013.

Sold: Mar. 2013

Price Sold: $ 425


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