1925 Marx, King Racer (The Monarch of All) in Original Box

1925 Marx, King Racer (The Monarch of All) in Original Box

Fantastic tin litho "King Racer" by Marx in extraordinary excellent+ to near mint condition complete with original box. The last  boxed example I found that was almost as nice was over two years ago. The auto and box in this auction both grade higher. It's only the second time I've found the original box.

The King Racer was one of the earliest mechanical racers produced by Marx. It was manufactured in several color variations. In this case an orange-yellow body with black trim, blue roof, and green wheels. It was the second color combination produced by Marx. The toy was designed so that the angle of the body, roof, driver, and even the rear trunk were coincided to give it a "look" of speed without moving. 

The toy features separately attached running boards, a split front windshield, two separate rear oval windshields, a visor, a separate driver, pressed disc wheels with matching trunk mounted spare, and a movable front axle for turns or straight-away's. The hood ornament, head lights and front bumper were chrome plated. The motor is spring wound with three step down gears providing power to the rear wheels. It works great!

The two color illustrated box shows a portrait of a goggled driver, stooped forward, maneuvering the auto downhill around a fenced corner. A second racer looms in the background. The toy's name was printed above the car along its entire length. It's moniker, "The Monarch of All" appears just above the front hood. 

Size: 8½" long x 3" wide. 

Sold: Feb. 2006

Price Sold: $ 1526


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