1928 Katz Co., Grand Central Station In Original Box

1928 Katz Co., Grand Central Station In Original Box

Henry Katz & Co. Inc. had been in business for only a month when they produced one of the 20th century America's most spectacular tin toys. This is the lithographed tinplate, mechanical "Grand Central Station".

In astonishing near mint condition it could be the finest known surviving example.

Even more incredible, but just as important it comes complete with its original box. With only two interior flaps missing it may be the highest grade and most complete box in existence.

The toy is unique in that it features four train tracks with two stamped metal trains of three cars each running in continuous movement. The trains travel from one end to the other passing through four tunnels. A semaphore switch located between track tunnels 1 and 2 controls the start and stop action (see 5th photo down). The attached key located just above the semaphore winds the clockwork motor. In the center between the two trains stand a pair of two dimensional Red Cap porters, globe light poles and a baggage cart.

1928 New York City scenes which included several stores, commuters, various autos and even a double-decker sight seeing bus were lithoed onto the building sides on either end. The front of the building is easily identified by the large roof clock and the Grand Central logo.

On the bottom side of the toy are its four original "pulley caps" and three rubber O-rings. All three of its original polished tin cross supports brackets are still in place. Best of all it works beautifully. The motor works without any hesitation or rubbing. The cars move smoothly across the surfaces.

The box is absolutely fabulous. It was designed to resemble a three dimensional building. The front panel is the front of the Grand Central Terminal. As in reality it shows automobiles running on the elevated street around the building. Stores, shoppers, and commuters can be seen on the lower level. The front and rear box aprons represent "below ground level" with several trains passing underneath the building. The toy name, catalog number, manufacturer name and address, plus its awesome Katz two-kitty logo were printed on the endflaps. The back panel is blank.

The toy originally sold for $1. The Katz company existed for only 22 months.

Size: 16" x 8" x 3½".

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 2049


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