c.1965 TPS, "Porsche World News Service Car" in Original Box

c.1965 TPS,

Unusual and scarce battery operated tin litho Porsche 911-S World News Service Car manufactured by T.P.S. (Tokyo Playthings Shokai), Japan, complete with original removable rooftop cameraman. Awesome toy grades strong excellent+ to near mint. It comes complete with original box (excellent) and insert. 

Here's a complex toy, which after nearly 50 years still works beautifully! Turn it on and it'll travel a short distance. A lever underneath the chassis automatically opens which raises the car onto its two inside wheels about an 1". This is enough to force the car into an approximate 180º turn. After a couple seconds the lever retracts and the car travels forward. At this point the lever opens a second time, but this time it remains in the down position longer which forces it into a complete 360º circle! The lever lowers, it moves forward again and the cycle repeats. Neat!

In addition to its action it's a gorgeous vehicle just to look at. Every panel has something lithographed on it. Both doors have a large television camera with a film section of film in the back ground. The rear trunk features a third TV camera plus the Porsche logo. The front hood has the World News service logo with a tower antenna transmitting around the world. Smaller trademarks from six other world news services are shown plus an STP logo. The roof is also lithoed with straps and buckles to "secure" the platform. The platform is chrome plated. The cameraman slides into position and is removable with the camera. The camera is also tin. The cameraman is vinyl. 

The interior is also tinplate and includes the T.P.S. logo (right side dashboard) and a Porsche logo where the glove box would be. The steering wheel is plastic. It as its original blue tinted front and rear windshields. Both are plastic.

Underneath is a black tin litho chassis embossed "Made in Japan". It has its original metal plate battery door, locking tab, and white plastic battery holder. Of the four "main" tires, only the left rear left is solid rubber. The other three are plastic vinyl. All four have metal hubs. The two smaller wheels are also solid rubber. The front pair of tires are turned towards the left (in the direction of the cars' motion) and don't make ground contact. The rear wheels plus a fifth turning wheel (centered over the front axle), and sixth wheel located on the tip of the lever move the car forward.

The box cover features an accurate illustration of the actual toy with film strip holes on each edge. A passenger and driver were added. A smaller diagram shows the cameraman being inserted onto the roof. The front and rear aprons show the Porsche News Car traveling across the world for different news stories. The left corner illustrates its complex oval and circular movement. Side aprons again show the car with cameraman, driver and passenger. It has its complete original box bottom plus locking strip insert. 

Size: 10".

Sold: Oct. 2013

Price Sold: $ 886


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