c.1953 Masudaya, "Space Ship X-2" in Original Box

c.1953 Masudaya,

I think this Masudaya "Space Ship X-2" is one of the finest, in terms of its condition, space ship rockets toys I've seen. Recently discovered in a hoard of unused 1950's and 60's toys there's almost no indication that it was ever held in a kid-type hand. Even the rubber around the tire rims is complete and intact. The ship grades near mint+ (probably most would say it 's perfect, but a couple of teeny nicks take it "down" half a grade. That's being super critical.

It comes complete with its original box which is excellent and its original instruction sheet. It's the first nearly perfect set of instructions I've seen for any size of this toy.

The ship is all tin litho and runs using a friction drive motor. The colors, design, and quality are the major factors which have consistently made this toy so desirable for the last half century. A friction wheel generate generates intermittent exhaust sparks, which is better than nothing at all. It's has its original red celluloid sheets covering tail slits near the exhaust. Friction is generated by its two large wheels in the center. Balance is maintained using a third small tin wheel near the exhaust.

The simple box was covered with a fabulous full color print of the multicolored rocket blasting its way over Saturn. The toy name, patent info, and trademark were included. The instruction sheet, or rather instruction strip describes how to make the rocket move straight ahead and to make turns! The last sentence reads, "it looks like a Rocket just on the point of starting to moon". That's it exactly word for word.

Size: 7½".

Sold: Sept. 2013

Price Sold: $ 810


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