c.1957 Toy Master (Japan) "Pegasus 1 Air Car"

c.1957 Toy Master (Japan)

Unusual, friction drive, tin litho "Pegasus 1 Air Car" manufactured by Toy Master, a scarcely known Japanese company. I've owned only one other toy from this *manufacturer, a rare Space Survey Jeep.

It features a very narrow metallic blue, futuristic-style streamlined body measuring only 2½" tall. It has an overall rectangular shape with rounded corners and a large clear plastic roof/windshield combination. I would imagine that the plastic roof is easily scuffed or scratched. But not this one. It's in perfect condition except for age yellowing. Difficult toy to find in any condition. 

The top half is detailed with flying horses (Pegasus), rockets, door details and an all tin litho embossed interior. Each corner has a 2" wide swirled litho, 4-blade metal propeller set into the body. These are covered with a raised slotted white plastic grille. 

The underside is lithoed and embossed with four concentric circular pads in each corner. These would pesumably be the air output vents. The three wheels can be seen, one in back and two up front connected by an embossed transaxle. 

As the vehicle moves forward, or backwards, all four propellers rotate simultaneously, but in opposite direction to each other. In other words there are no two adjacent propellers which turn in the same direction. I have no idea how this done, but it looks great!

Size: 9" x 4½" (geometrically a perfect rectangle).

Sold: Dec. 2013

Price Sold: $ 63


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