1937 Wyandotte, No.505 American Airlines Airport in Original Box

1937 Wyandotte, No.505 American Airlines Airport in Original Box

This amazing tin litho and pressed steel Airport Set by Wyandotte was found about 40 years ago in an old hardware store. It was never played with or sold. It's complete with all three planes, electric lighted tower, airport terminal, and field. It's also the only example of the box and inserts I've seen for this toy. Of the very few complete examples I've seen this one grades the best by far.

The terminal is a 16" x 11" x 11" three dimensional lithographed tinplate building with walls on three sides and two open hangers in front. It's lithoed with yellow and red bricks and has directional arrows on the roof with raised sides. Several store fronts occupy the wings while the Weather Reporting Station, Ticket Office, and Waiting Room are in the center. The field is tinplate lithoed with a directional compass and landing lights. 

An early American Airlines eagle logo appears above each hanger along with AA initials on the roof. 

The tower has arched entranceway's at the base with green (lower) and red (upper) electric lights. The red bulb has been replaced. Both lights are located under polished tin domes. The lower dome is lined with its original celluloid covering. The upper dome never had this film. The original wires are still in place although some minor resoldering was needed. It has an on/off lever located on one of the tower sides which controls both lights simultaneously; and they work great! 

It comes with three pressed steel airplanes which are original to the set. There are two No. 101 Stratos Ship Mystery Planes (red and green) with white rubber tires (4½" wingspan and 4" long). The third is an orange and green No.205 Wyandotte Airplane (7¼" wingspan and 5¼" long). This last plane was produced for 3 years, but only in 1937 did it have black wooden tires like the example in this set. Rubber was used the other two years. 

The box was fabricated with particularly narrow, flimsy cardboard which would explain its scarcity. The hinged cover is printed with a full panel red and green illustration of the airport and nearly 3 times as many airplanes that actually came with the set. It has two cardboard inserts. The first is die cut to hold the planes and tower. The second prevents rubbing against the building. 

Size: Indicated above. 

Sold: Jul. 2014

Price Sold: $ 1261


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