c.1903 Lehmann No.490 Clockwork Tut Tut in Original Box

c.1903 Lehmann No.490 Clockwork  Tut Tut  in Original Box

By far the highest grade example of Lehmann s clockwork  Tut Tut  horseless carriage I've seen. Near mint in near mint box!

 It has distinction of being the first toy automobile which included a sound producing horn. It comes complete with its rare original box.

Wind it up and the vehicle moves forward with erratic short, jerky movement. The stout driver steers with his right hand, while blowing a brass-finished horn held in his left hand. The front wheels randomly change position which in turn moves the attached right.

Quite often Lehmann s toys commented on current events, automobiles, and everyday people. On June 15, 1901 the first laws regulating Prussia s motor vehicle traffic went into effect. Less than two years afterwards Lehmann produced  Tut Tut . The clever design subtlety criticized the new German auto regulations for safe driving techniques including the use of horns. 

Structurally, the toy has all four original balloon tires with spoke wheels, brass finished headlights with original green and red transparent papers, original steering wheel, attached key, and horn. The driver, including the arms, hands, hat brim, etc. are also all original. In addition to the headlights the underside of the chassis is also brass finished.

The box is just awesome with a nearly full cover panel illustration which shows an accurate representation of the actual toy. 

(some text copied from previously sold example)

Size: 7" .

Sold: Jul. 2014

Price Sold: $ 3500


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