c.1958 Marx Whistling Space Top Set In Original Box

c.1958 Marx Whistling Space Top Set In Original Box

Unusual, unused, and unplayed! From the Sputnik era comes this three piece Whistling Space Top Set. It's made from a combination of lithographed steel and tin and comes complete with original box plus insert.

The automatic whistling top toys were produced by Marx as early as 1930, however examples made by other company's extends back 50 or 60 years earlier. Marx resurrected the whistling top toys to capitalize on the first successful U.S. satellite which was launched four months after Soviet Russia's Sputnik. The image printed on the box cover insured that this theme was not overlooked. Lithoed on the toys are the words "Liberty Bell" (blue top) and "Freedom" (orange top).

It's interesting to note that neither the toy, or box carried a Marx trademark or logo. In fact the only place the Marx name appears is on the box slogan; "one of the many Marx toys". The toy itself does not identify the manufacturer.

The automatic syringe-like winder was made from black enameled pressed steel. The plunger is polished metal. The tops are reinforced tinplate. The orange top has a coiled spring on the bottom to make it bounce when "launched". The blue top has a plain metal stem.

The box cover was printed with an awesome image of Earth centered on the Atlantic Ocean. The two satellite tops, plus an unidentified third top, lie outside of Earth's atmosphere. Each has a "trail" line to infer their orbits. "Made In Japan" was printed in the lower right corner. The front and rear aprons state exactly what's inside the box. The box insert was die cut to precisely keep the three components in place.

Size: Tops 2" diameter. Box 6½" x 4¼" x 2"

Sold: Aug. 2009

Price Sold: $ 94


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