c.1928 Unknown Mfg., Tin Litho Overland Bus (Push Type)

c.1928 Unknown Mfg., Tin Litho Overland Bus (Push Type)

Here's a beautiful, early all lithographed tinplate Overland Bus. It's a push type without any kind of motor. Nor was a motor ever present. There are no markings. Despite all resources, knowledge, experience, etc.,  I'm absolutely clueless as to who produced it!  

All the paint and all of the parts are original. The exterior was lithographed; red body and hood (without louvers), green fenders, yellow roof, and polished tin radiator with headlights. The interior is polished tinplate. The tires are brass finished on the outside and red on the inside. One thing I've never seen before; the tires are held onto the wheel hubs with only two tabs. Typically there are four or more. And the axles go right through holes that are an extension of the body.

It has a one-piece combination headlights, hood ornament, and radiator. There are no open slots for a front bumper so it's not missing. Five die cut windows on each side, two in the rear, and an open windshield in front. The roof is completely flat with a ½" visor extension. The front hood is curved and slopes down slightly to the radiator and ornament. The fenders are scanty with only a short "S-curve" above each front tire. The axles are narrow and thin.

The only embossing is the ¼" raised strip below the windows, a narrow strip on the long edges of the roof and recessed around the inside edges of the windows.

Obviously it wasn't an expensive toy. But someone cared enough about it to maintain it's fine original condition. I do have several guesses about the manufacturer; Chein, Marx, Strauss, Upton, Non-Pareil, Katz, Orobr, and a couple others. But I really don't know. I could find no other toy that had brass finished wheels held onto the axles with only two tabs, with a polished tin interior and produced without a front bumper. 

Size: 8". 

Sold: Jan. 2015

Price Sold: $ 63


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