1925 Buffalo Toys, Instant Wind Aero Speeders

1925 Buffalo Toys, Instant Wind Aero Speeders

Buffalo Toys & Tool Works, Buffalo New York (1924-1968) patented an ancient mechanical principal called the Archimedes Screw combined with the force of gravity to power and regulate movement of their toys. The screw or twist acted like a governor to regulate the time in which the motor ran down. Gravity was the "motor". Several German toy company's had used the same principle for some small tin toys as early as the late 19th century.

Buffalo Toys expanded on the idea by enlarging the size of the early German toys. They called their  device "Instant Wind" and based an entire series of toys upon the mechanism. A few years later a mechanical motor was substituted in place of gravity to power larger toys like racing cars, carousels, and ferris wheels.

This "Instant Wind Aero Speeders" is an example of one of those early gravity powered toys.  It consists of a 17" long twisted metal rod with a wooden ball at each end. The balls are used to hold the toy while working as well as stop their movement. A precisely sized steel wire loops around the twist. Two identical heavy gauge tin litho monoplanes, or Aero Speeders as they called them, were connected to the steel wire. The planes are weighted so they'll always work right side up. Like an hourglass it'll work no matter which end is up.

Except for the insignias and X-Z-51 lithoed onto the wings the toy is completely unmarked. This makes it very difficult to identify. However, the twisted rod and specific monoplane design were used only by Buffalo Toys. Fortunately I recognized these characteristics in a toy I sold almost 20 years ago. It had both the company trademark and toy name ithoed onto the base (see below).

Best of all; it's complete, all original, and works great! The propellers also revolve as the planes descend.

Size: Rod 17". Planes 4" long.

Sold: Sep. 2015

Price Sold: $ 185


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