1952 Technofix, No. 266 Clockwork Twin Car Elevator in Original Box

1952 Technofix, No. 266 Clockwork Twin Car Elevator in Original Box

The "Twin Car Elevator" (its correct catalog name) shows German ingenuity at its best. Manufactured by Technofix it's an unusual concept based on the actions of a simple "over-under" toy. Over-under toys use a single car to roll down a track and automatically return to the starting position. However, this toy permits movement of two independent vehicles simultaneously, on the same track. The timing is such that they never collide.

It comes complete with original box and bilingual instruction sheet. It's fairly scarce, especially in high grade as this is.

The toy simulates an enclosed futuristic city-scape diorama with tunnel-like openings on one end. It has an upper and lower track with the upper connected to a "hidden" clockwork motor on the back of the toy. It has a second piece of track which extends out from the lower track.

Here's how it works;

   1. Wind it up.

   2. Place one vehicle in the right corner on the lower track. Place the second car on the upper track making sure that it won't roll downwards prematurely.

   3. Release the stop/start lever.

   4. With crank-like movement the upper roadway tilts upwards. When it reaches it's greatest angle the upper car  rolls down the ramp and smoothly drops onto the lower.

   5. Simultaneously the crank continues to rotate which lowers the upper track until it's able to scoop up the second car. 

   6. The first car rolls down to replace the second which has been scooped up.

   7. The upper track now holding the lower car is again lifted up and tilted. The cycle repeats.

Best of all it works flawlessly and for a long time. Actually it becomes a little hypnotic after a while.

Like most Technofix toys every panel of the box top is covered with illustrations. Only the endflaps have any text plus the company logo. The top panel shows several cars entering and exiting the elevated garage with the city in the background. The front and rear panels show the main highway with the entrance ramp to the garage.

Size: 17" long x 3" tall x 1½" wide. Vehicles 1-7/8".

Price Sold: $ 195


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