c.1950 Archer, Outer Space Set in Original Box

c.1950 Archer, Outer Space Set in Original Box

This is the "Outer Space Set" produced by Archer Plastics, in New York City. I purchased it from the original owner in upstate New York. It's totally complete, comes with its super rare original box with original insert, plus original assembly instruction sheet.

The toy includes the beautiful, two-story full color Space Port building (15½" x 10½" x 10") with 8" tall rotating antenna tower, crank, elevator with lifting rod and launching platform, nine large 3½" metallic-type plastic spacemen (originally had seven) + one robot, nine clear space helmets, five 5" space jet cars (originally had four), one 10" super space jet, and two 13" 10 piece spaceships. 

In addition to rotating the antenna dish the wooden handle crank typically produces a clicking sound. It's produced by rotation of an internal toothed gear clicking against a metal tab cut into one side of the building. In this case however, although the lines were scored where the metal tab was to be cut , it actually never was.

The original box with full panel illustration is complete and looks like it was almost never handled. Of the two or three boxes I've seen this one grades the highest by far. Amazingly, it has only two short tears where the notched flaps tuck into the box. Both are still tightly held together. Also included is the original insert which I've never seen before and the complete original assembly directions (which I've seen only once before).

Size: Box 27" x 12" x 5". 

Sold: Dec. 2016

Price Sold: $ 1560


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