1936 Built Rite Fort in Original Box

1936 Built Rite Fort in Original Box

Here's another of four of fantastic BUILT RITE cardboard assembly toys from the 1930s that I recently purchased.

This is the BUILT RITE TOY FORT - SET NO. 16, produced by Warren Paper Products of Lafayette, Indiana. It's made from pressed cardboard and lithographed paper. This particular set includes a highly detailed castle with turrets, mosaic flooring, and doors that open. It was the company's' first Fort playset and was produced without any accessories. As late as 1943 it was still being promoted as the add-on central structure to create a large toy Army Camp.

This specific set was found as old unsold store stock over 20 years ago. It's never been punched out or assembled and is basically in mint condition. It comes in its rare box complete with original 10" x 14" double sided instruction sheet.

The structure consists of nine flat sections that are assembled using tabs and slots cut into the edges of each piece. The box bottom is turned upside-down to serve as the floor and foundation. Subsequent versions from the 1940's included trenches, soldiers, and things that "blow up", but this was the very first version of the same soldier Fort.

The box cover was beautifully designed and colored. It illustrates an assembled Fort playset with soldiers, calvary, and even a surrounding wall. At the time these were all sold separately.

The instruction sheet not only uses schematics and text to assemble the Fort, but it also promotes a slew of other early Built-Rite toys which I've never seen; such as an airport hanger, a Shell gas station, a huge multi-piece railroad accessory set, and several doll houses. It even has an order blank which, of course, was never filled out.

Size: Box; 12" long x 9½" wide x ¾" deep. Assembled; 8" tall x 11¾" wide x 8¾" deep. 

Price Sold: $ 125


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