1953 Johann Hofler, 116 Double See Saw Cars In Original Box

1953 Johann Hofler, 116 Double See Saw Cars In Original Box

Unusual "Double See-Saw Cars" amusement park toy manufactured by Johan Hofler, Germany. Toy comes complete with both cars plus original box. It's only the 2nd example I've seen.

The toy uses three towers mounted onto a grass tin litho litho base. Two tracks or roadways, stacked one above the other, pass through the sides of each tower. The tracks tilt up and down like see-saws with the center tower acting as the fulcrum.

Once wound, a car is placed onto each track. Switch it on and the clockwork mechanism located in the right tower (photo 1) turns an internal support arm. This alternately raises each track which causes the vehicle to race to the opposite (now lower) end. As the arm continues to rotate it no longer supports the raised track. A counter-weight on the opposite end of the tracks tilts them down. Gravity takes over to return the cars to their original position. The cycle then repeats. The clever design causes the two vehicles to move simultaneously in opposite directions. The cars remain on the same track level although it gives the illusion that they actually change from one to the other. Best of all it works great!

The toy was lithographed as an amusement park ride. Both end towers are shown with stairways filled with passengers waiting in line. The motor was lithoed in another set of windows with the actual key stem fitted into center. Multicolored awnings, ticket takers, pennants, balloon sellers, and lots of kids with adults contribute to the amusement ride setting. The only markings on the toy are the "JH" shamrock logo on the center tower. Comes complete with original separate key.

The original box was illustrated with full panel sketches of the toy in a realistic setting. It shows the racers shooting back and forth as the crowd looks on from below. The remaining two panels show a close-up of the ride from the perspective of being inside the left tower. Other circus rides including a Ferris wheel and rollercoaster are in the background. The endflaps include the see-saw in the background with a large clown in front holding the Hofler logo.

The vehicles will run back and forth many times before it runs down.

Size: 9-¾" x 4½" x 3¼", Cars 1½"

Date Sold: Feb. 2011

Price Sold: $ 471


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