1951 Technofix No 264 Merry Clown In Original Box

1951 Technofix No 264 Merry Clown In Original Box

Probably the most difficult to find of all early post-war Technofix toys is their "Merry Clown". Tin litho with clockwork motor and original Technofix key it grades in awesome near mint condition. If that wasn't enough it also comes complete with its original box which grades a strong excellent+.

Beautifully designed and wonderfully lithoed multi-color toy features a full-figured die cut clown pedaling a bicycle or motorcycle. Unlike many other toy its lower torso is a separate part from the motorcycle. Powered by rotation of the rear tire, it runs in a continuous circle with legs alternately pumping up and down. Simultaneously the head moves forward and backwards. The motion of the head is not due to simple vibrational movement of the toy, but is actually connected to the clockwork mechanism.

The lithography on this toy is just magnificent! The head is primarily bright white with a huge, wide open red mouth. The partially closed eyes are accentuated with large black brows. Cheeks are pink, red nose, and orange (pattern bald) hair. He wears a small brown and yellow cap.

Merry Clown wears a frocked long-tail coat colored amber with brown checkerboard. Its lapels and frock edges are forest green marked "Made in U.S. Zone, Germany". Even sleeve buttons were lithoed near the cuffs. Out of his left coat pocket is a bright red and blue handkerchief lithoed with the Technofix trademark. His trousers are striped; red, white and blue. He wears white gloves with worn forefinger holes. His long flat shoes are beige or mocha colored. All details are shadowed to give it a realistic three dimensional appearance.

The motorcycle has a bright red frame, gray and blue striped handlebars, and wide 2" double sided tires. These have gray rims, black treads, with blue and yellow concentric swirled centers. The front wheel is permanently fixed at a right angle permitting a continuous circular pattern.

The Technofix key is separate from the toy (and like most separate keys is usually lost). It's nickel plated cast iron. It's also a particularly difficult key to find measuring roughly twice the size of common Technofix small vehicle keys.

The main box panels were printed with two different illustrations. The red side shows the Merry Clown from the right with a chimpanzee swinging in a platform seat just above him waving a flag. The blue side (with red) shows the clowns left side with a large blue and red parrot swooping in front of him. The side aprons were printed with a simpler illustration of the clown on cycle with two elephants, being introduced by another clown buddy. The endflaps include the company trademark and catalog number. 

Size: 5½" tall

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 1180


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