c.1956 TPS Mechanical Juggling Clown In Original Box

c.1956 TPS Mechanical Juggling Clown In Original Box

Awesome clockwork tin litho "Mechanical Juggling Clown" manufactured by TPS (Toplay). Comes complete with original plate of apples on pole. Also includes beautifully illustrated original box.

...."wind-up big footed clown juggling plate of apple on nose with hat in right hand"... Bill Gallagher author of "Japanese Toys".

Toy is wound using attached key. It begins to rock back and forth by rapid clockwise rotation of both arms. As this occurs the spring on the end of the clowns nose causes the apples to rock in the opposite direction of the clown. This causes the toy to continuously rock in different directions simultaneously with spinning arms making it appear that he's trying to balance the apples.

The toy is all tin litho. He wears a red felt coat and a white fabric bow tie. The apples connected to the pole are detachable. The toy itself is unmarked.

The fabulous box for this toy was printed in bold, dark colors with almost no text. Only the name and the TPS trademark logo with "Made in Japan" can identify the toy. The top cover and apron illustrations show the clown with balanced apples. Other balancing critters are on either side. The aprons show various views of the clown from both sides. The Ring Master, a seal, and a trapeze artist are also shown.

Note that every image on the box shows the clown balancing a plate of apples. A second version of this toy exists with the clown balancing a colored beach ball. The box for that toy also shows him balancing a beach ball. It's important to point out that the toy in this auction comes with its correct box. The version with apples is more difficult to find.

Size: 8½"

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 410


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