1955 Linemar Donald Duck Remote Control In Original Box

1955 Linemar Donald Duck Remote Control In Original Box

Here's a seldom seen example of Linemar's "Remote Control Donald Duck". It's in fantastic condition and comes complete with its rare original box.

This type of toy is typically called a "hopper". Squeezing the spring tethered metal "clothespin" pulls a wire which contracts the upper body closer to the feet. Releasing the clothespin relaxes the mechanism causing a spring-like jump. At the same time Donald's spring mounted head wobbles. According to the directions "with practice" you can make it jump right, left, or straight ahead.

It's all embossed tin litho including the clothespin controller. Donald wears his classic blue sailor uniform with pink bow tie. The exposed "feathers" are white. Beak and feet are yellow-orange. The toy's facial features with eyes looking right express an unusual sense of expectation not seen in other toys. It was manufactured with the head turned towards the left.

The box with printed with different "stuff" on five of the six panels. Its country of origin, Japan, was blacked out on the box. Overall it has a yellow background; with three panel illustrations. The front and rear panels shows Donald walking down a country lane, smiling, and tipping his cap as he passes. The Linemar name and trademark were printed only on the rear panel. The top flap was printed with the third illustration. It shows a "Japanese style" drawing of Donald with eyes wide open and a weird smile. Its original Kresge 79 cents price sticker is still on the flap. The remaining two main panels lay out the extensive and complicated operational instructions which include both text and schematics. Lastly, the bottom endflap lists 11 additional Linemar hopping toys. Jiminy Cricket is the only other Disney character toy.

Size: 5½" tall. Tether 30" long.

Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 372


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