c.1935 A. C. Williams, Interchangeable Bodies Set In Original Box

c.1935 A. C. Williams, Interchangeable Bodies Set In Original Box<P>

This is a complete set of four cast iron "Interchangeable Bodies" manufactured by A.C. Williams, Ravenna, Ohio. Comes in original box with printed die cut insert. Also shown is a single sheet of unused A.C. Williams stationary paper with a lavishly printed header.

The set consists of a blue stake truck, red sedan, yellow roadster, and black chassis with white rubber tires. Each of the three bodies has its original steel clip which enables them to interchangeably connect to the chassis. This provided the kiddies with three different and complete vehicles to play with (although obviously not at the same time).

The four pieces are set in the original die cut cardboard insert which secures them in place and also makes a great display. The classic A.C. Williams box shows a boy and girl at play with several A.C. Williams cast iron toys including a tractor, truck van, monoplane, and zeppelin. One of the box endflaps still has some of its original label remaining.

In addition to the set is a very fancy preprinted sheet of original stationary paper from the A.C. Williams Company. The large header printed in black shows the "rebuilt" A.C. Williams Iron Works factory in full production as it was in 1893. Employees can be seen on the left side of the plant. A steam locomotive runs in front of the factory. On the right is a tree lined street with the town of "Ravenna, O" in the background. In the lower left corner is the printed Toy Manufacturer's, USA, American Toys seal.

Size: Chassis 4½". Bodies: Truck 4", Sedan/Roadster 3½". Box 6" x 11" x 1¾". Stationary Sheet 8½" x 11".

Date Sold: Feb. 2011

Price Sold: $ 145


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