c.1929 No. 261 Buffalo Toy, Fliver Bug In Original Box

c.1929 No. 261 Buffalo Toy, Fliver Bug In Original Box

One-man, steel litho mechanical "Fliver Bug" manufactured by Buffalo Toy and Tool Works. Comes complete with original box. Toy is in superb excellent+ to near mint condition!

The name Fliver originates from the word flivver which was a "pet name" for the Model T. Actually it's a classic bumper car, tapered egg shape style. It runs on three different size wooden wheels in a random pattern depending on which wheel happens to make contact with the ground. However, only the largest wheel is actually turned by the internal clockwork motor.

The toy is steel litho, not tinplate. In addition to the car itself it features a double sided embossed driver, a polished tin windshield frame, attached key, and it's complete original rubber bumper running the entire perimeter of the base. This is the first example I've found which had the bumper complete and intact.

The entire underside some of the body, including the driver, were lithoed bright yellow. Blue litho surrounds the driver coming to a point at the front of the car. Several vertical streamlines represent the front grille. Arrows indicating the correct direction for turning were lithoed around the key stem. These were very important because unlike most wind-up toys it turns counter-clockwise. Another version of the toy was produced with a solid red body and chassis similar to Lindstrom's Skeeter Bug. When originally produced, did not have a celluloid windshield.

The box is a simple text only design which includes the name of the toy, manufacturer, address, and that Buffalo logo on the endflaps. It has a stamped code number on one end.

Sizew6½" long and 3½" at its widest.

Date Sold: Feb. 2011

Price Sold: $ 128


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