1955 Hubley, 2-Texan .38 Cap Pistols with Leather Holster

1955 Hubley, 2-Texan .38 Cap Pistols with Leather Holster

Awesome pair of Hubley die cast Texan .38 repeating cap pistols complete with original fancy leather double holster in near mint+ to mint condition. Old unsold store stock samples never used!

Beautiful pair of identical die cast metal pistols with revolving bullet cylinders. Bullet cylinder revolves counterclockwise as trigger is cocked, or if hammer is pulled back slightly. Hammer will stay in released position until the trigger is pulled all the way back.

Each is nickel plated with elaborately engraved scrollwork around the frame and barrel. Even the hammers are engraved! "TEXAN 38" is embossed on the frame just above the trigger on both sides of the frame. Access to bullet cylinder is achieved by pressing up on the locking mechanism located just above the hammer. This releases the mechanism, but to complete its opening a small projectile button located just in front of the trigger guard can be depressed. This causes the cylinder and barrel to flop backwards nearly 90° straight up and down.

The pistols have their original white grips with ultra-raised black steerheads on either side. A set screw located on the left side of each grip easily allows replacement in case they get damaged.

And then there's the holster. Truly a beautiful design; completely heavy thick leather with smooth glossy black finish and tanned reverse. Solid construction with gun pouches riveted to the belts in two places. Ornately adorned with silver, polished tin round metal conchos with raised stars. Each is 2¼" in diameter. It has its original six bullet, plastic holder between the conchos. Five of the bullets are silver plastic. The sixth is a two piece, brass and lead bullet. The belt and buckle are also riveted in place. The buckle was beautifully designed with raised images of steerheads, cowboy hats, horseshoes, pistols, and stars. The gun pouches are scalloped at the top and sewn into place. Three large silver studs run diagonally across the scalloping. Fancy polished tin metal borders decorate the outer edge. The pouch itself has another elaborate polished tin silver shield with raised engravings of crossed pistols and a rider on horseback. The centers are decorated with a large yellow plastic jewel.

Size: Pistols 10½". Holster 32" wide (22" not including the belt and buckle) x 13" from top to bottom.

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 257


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