1971 Tonka No. 2690 Sanitary Service Truck In Original Box

1971 Tonka No. 2690 Sanitary Service Truck In Original Box

Last of a grouping I purchased of complete and unused store stock Tonka trucks is this No.2690 Sanitary Service Truck better known as a GARBAGE TRUCK! Brilliant unused mint condition complete with original box.

Actually "sanitary service" is different from your plain 'ole garbage truck. It was usually used in businesses which required a strict, clean environment like a hospital, or a pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

Regardless of what the heck it is, it's awesome!! Blue baked enamel turquoise cab, trailer, and dumper with white holding container. Features two dumping levers, both with their original red vinyl safety caps. The forward lever raises and lowers the container (see 3rd photo). The rear lever opens and closes the dumper, but it also cleverly locks it into place. The lever must be raised out of its small notch before the entire dumping mechanism can be turned all the way around and above the white container for dumping. This prevents any premature dumping.

Complimenting the pressed steel body and container is its original chrome plated and embossed metal front bumper with original clear head lights, and black vinyl bumper tabs. The tires are black vinyl treads with wide sidewalls embossed Tonka, and metal hubs. The interior is a single piece of solid white molded plastic with separate black plastic steering wheel. A large black Tonka decal lays at the front of the interior behind the windshield. And speaking about the windshield, it's a huge wrap-around transparent plastic structure. The same bit of plastic also provides for the right and left cab windows. It has both of its original Tonks U.S.A. decals on both doors.

The original box was printed with a large illustration of the actual toy covering almost a full panel. It's original $4.44 price was written in marker alongside it. The back panel features, appropriately, a back image of the truck showing it from the opposite side. The top and bottom panels have the truck name, catalog number and other appropriate "seals". One end of the box is "sealed" with its fold-up flaps. The other end is hinged and still has both original interior flaps. An "S.S." was also marked onto it.

Size: 15½" x 5-¾" x 7-¾".

Date Sold: Jul. 2009

Price Sold: $ 153


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