1959 Ichiko Chevrolet Impala Fire Chief Car In Original Box

1959 Ichiko Chevrolet Impala Fire Chief Car In Original Box

This immense 12½" long, all tin litho Chevrolet Impala Fire Chief car is straight from the Don Kaufman collection (owner KB Toys). The condition is immaculate near mint+ to mint. Comes with its original box. Neither the box, nor the vehicle are marked with manufacturer's name. There's also no listing for it in the Commercial version of the Big Book of Tin Toy Cars. As far as I can recall it's the first car I've not found in that reference.

The car is a beautifully designed Chevy Impala complete with the Impala checkered flag log on the front hood and on all four wheel caps. It's brilliant cherry red throughout with silver "rocket" trim. It has a single plate black chassis with silver details. The interior is all tin litho. The steering wheel is also tin litho. It's complete with emergency bubble roof light and both front fender sirens. It's a friction drive vehicle. There are no electric components.

It features a pair of awesome rear tail fins with six red tail lights (3 on each side), plus a lithoed license plate. Chrome plated parts include the wrap around front bumper and grille assembly, rear wrap-around bumper, side moldings, and front and rear windshield frames. It has both of its original blue-tinted celluloid windshields. The tires are black rubber with tin litho hubs.

The roof is marked with a huge F.D. and Chief emblems. The doors are marked "F.D." and the rear trunk with "FIRE DEPT.". The back of the rear windshield is marked Made in Japan.

And of course across the center front hood is marked "Chevrolet" in large script letters!

The box features a huge perspective illustration of the Fire Chief Chevy. It too is marked Chevrolet on the front hood. It shows two occupants and simulates an electric emergency roof light (although it's not electrified). Includes original insert with tissue paper.

Size: 12½"

Date Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 599


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