1936 Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Premium Booklet

1936 Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Premium Booklet

This is an original 18pg. of Buck Rogers premiums sponsored by Cream of Wheat. It would have been received after submitting one proof of purchase plus 10 cents to join the Buck Rogers Solar Scouts. The initial level Solar Scouts brass badge would've accompanied the booklet. A heavy stock paper card to advance to the next Solar Scouts level "Space Ship Commander" would've been attached to the center of the booklet. It looks like the booklets original owner, Billie Dryer, age 12 (in 1936) submitted the form. Billie also filled out, in pencil, all of the "Record of Membership" information (see 2nd to last photo).

In the depths of the Depression, owning this booklet was key to acquiring higher level premiums. Today these are some of the most rare and sought after Buck Rogers memorabilia. That includes the Repeller Ray Ring, the Britains series of lead figurines, Disintergrator Pistol, Solar Scout School Kit bag, triple set of Interplanetary Games, a complete Buck Rogers Solar Scout Uniform, Lite Blaster Flashlight, and the super rare Solar Scouts Sweater Emblem.

The contents are printed in black and white. This includes a full page photo of Buck and Wilma on the inside cover. Rules and Regulations as well as other Cream of Wheat promotional material were integral additions as well.

The beautiful covers were done in full color and appear to have been drawn by the series artist Dick Calkins.

Size: 5" x 7¾"

Date Sold: Feb. 2011

Price Sold: $ 129


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