1948 Tootsietoy, Playtime Set 7100, Never Removed From Insertbox

1948 Tootsietoy, Playtime Set 7100, Never Removed From Insertbox

Magnificent museum quality seven piece Tootsietoy Playtime Set No.7100 from the much heralded Kaufman collection (i.e., the "K" of KB Toys). Store stock example never even removed from the original boxed insert. Graded "Mint" in box by Bertoia Auctions. By far the finest set of early post-war 6" Tootsietoy vehicles I've seen.

Includes the following die cast toys. Ground vehicles are approximately 6" long. All with original rubber tires.

  • 1940 International Stake Truck (open sides) - red with silver trim
  • 1947 Kaiser Sedan - blue with silver trim. Features large "K" hood ornament & split front windshield.
  • 1942 Chrysler Thunderbolt Experimental Roadster - brilliant yellow with silver trim, silver Thunderbird hood ornament
  • 1948 GMC Greyhound Bus - blue with silver roof, sides, and trim. Greyhound emblem on sides.
  • 1948 No.1009 REO Shell Oil Tanker - bright yellow cab & trailer, silver tank, black SHELL lettering and logo
  • 1948 No.1006 REO Standard Oil Tanker - red cab & trailer, silver tank with black STANDARD lettering
  • 1947 Bell P-39 Aircobra Fighter Plane - 5" wingspan, silver fuselage & tail, red wings w/original decals, original blue propeller

The box was printed in glossy, high contrast colors with a silhouetted of three post-war kiddies at play. The layout of the text and the overall appearance is reminiscent of the "futuristic" styling foretold at the '39 NY World's Fair. The insert is pale yellow and die cut to precisely fit the vehicles. Original $1.98 price can still be read in small faint lettering. Box bottom is plain cardboard. Comes with the original Bertoia-Kaufman auction hang tag.

Size: Box 16" x 12" x 2"

Date Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 810


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