c.1961 Daiya Citroen 2cv In Original Box

c.1961 Daiya Citroen 2cv In Original Box

Awesome friction drive tin litho Citroen 2CV manufactured by Daiya in beautiful near mint condition. Comes complete with original box.

The French 2CV was produced for nearly 40 years. It was continuously being upgraded and visually modified. The particular version of this toy as an actual automobile was available from 1953-55. It has an embossed gun metal blue-gray body with sloping cream colored roof and wheel centers. It's a 4 door sedan model with detailed tin interior which includes full dashboard and separate front and rear seats. The red steering wheel is plastic and it has its original celluloid windshield. The toy is marked with manufacturer's trademark in the rear window well.

Chrome plated parts include the windshield frame, raised headlights, front grille with chevrons, and front and rear bumpers. A separate tabbed wide plate just above the rear bumper includes license number, model name and red tail lights. The underside chassis is a single black lithoed tinplate embossed with Citroen 2CV.

Tires are solid black rubber with metal centers.

The toy features a rear "spring" suspension with flexible up and down movement. Rotation of the front wheels produces a loud "whack, whack, whack" noise.

The box cover includes a color illustration of the 2CV with a Parisian cafe and Eiffel Tower in the background. Side panels advertise the name and features along side a single side view of the vehicle. It's marked with the trademark of the toy (Daiya) and box (Hoku).

The Daiya Citroen is the only model of the 2CV shown in the Big Book of Tin Toy Cars.

Size: 8¼"

Date Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 403


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