1960 Structo No. 603 White Fire Pumper Truck In Original Box

1960 Structo No. 603 White Fire Pumper Truck In Original Box

Spectacular brilliant White Fire Pumper Truck, No.603 manufactured by Structo. Unopened store stock which was only just recently opened for the first time revealing a perfect mint in box example of this very scarce truck. Structo produced pressed steel Pumper Trucks from 1958-62, but 1960 was the only year that a pure white body was manufactured. The other model years were red.

Of course its complete with all accessories plus its original box with inserts. It states on the box that the truck was painted with "2 coats of brilliant baked enamel".

The open-cab truck is all embossed pressed steel and features a unique self-contained integrated water pumping system. A plastic tank fixed inside the body is filled by pouring water through plastic slots located behind the driver. Once it's filled, you push down on the pump button which forces the water into the attached black rubber hose. The hose is original, complete in length, and still has its original nozzle clipped to the inside of the plastic hose reel with metal crank. Although still very flexible I did not want to work the pumper because of possible damage or rusting.

To add to its realistic appearance embossed diamond plate (cross-hatched) running boards, fenders, and personnel carrier tailgate. Dull metal steel railings, one on each side of the trailer, are held in place with riveted plated steel brackets. These brackets also hold the original red painted steel ladders; one one each side.

Up front is has a single piece, chrome plate grille assembly with opaque clear plastic headlights. The original emergency light sits in place on the top of the front hood. The open-cab interior, which includes the seat and dashboard, is a single piece of molded polystyrene plastic. It also features a realistically molded plastic fireman driver with plastic steering wheel. The windshield is transparent polystyrene plastic.

The wheels are all deep treaded vinyl; single in front and tandem in the rear. Each has a plastic sidewall with plated metal hubs. Looking at it from the underside you can see the water tank. Also notice that the chassis is a single plate of pressed steel from end to end. This is what really makes the whole truck super sturdy.

It also has all six original decals; three on each side. The "S.F.D. Pumper" decal surrounded by fancy scrollwork and printed in gold looks great. Thick swirly gold scrollwork decals are affixed to the rear fender. A decal with red gauges with handles is on the front of the same fender.

The box is all white with blue and black details. It shows a smiling 1960s type youth accompanied by accurate illustrations of the actual truck. Manufacturer name, address, toy catalog number and name are printed on three main panels and both endflaps. The fourth main panel has a simple schematic with instructions for filling the water tank. The box is still sealed on one end. It also has both of its original inserts plus waxed paper separator. And lastly, it still has its original $3.75 price sticker on one of the opened endflaps.

Size: 19½" x 7" x 6". Weight: approx. 5lbs.

Date Sold: Jul. 2009

Price Sold: $ 537


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