c.1958 Lincoln BMW Isetta Bubble Car In Original Box

c.1958 Lincoln BMW Isetta Bubble Car In Original Box

Although I've found several versions of the popular BMW Isetta toy automobile in lithographed tinplate, I had never seen a plastic rendition of the car. This example with gyro motor comes complete with its original box and removable driver.

It's called "An Empire Made, Lincoln International Product". Not sure if Empire or Lincoln was the company. Empire may have referred to Great Britain so I chose Lincoln as the manufacturer because I could find no reference to a plastic Isetta. The black chassis under plate is, however, all tinplate and is embossed "Empire Made".

The classic "bubble car" features a front panel door (single hinged) with removable, painted polyethylene plastic driver with movable arms. The door has its original polished tin handle with plastic locking mechanism. It has a single benchseat interior with steering wheel fixed to the inside front door. The front grilles, windshield frames, single taillight, front and rear bumpers, and wheel covers are also polished tin. The windows are transparent polystyrene plastic. It has both original side mounted headlights. The chassis is embossed tin litho.The tires are solid black rubber. It also has its original sticker-type European rear license plate.

The gyro mechanism mounted between the rear wheels works well and can be seen through the rear windows.

The colorful box has one panel (repeated) which shows a red Isetta with door closed and blue Isetta with door open. A business type complete with black suit and portfolio is shown stepping inside the blue car. "Fast Gyro Motor" and "Isetta Bubble Car with Driver and Opening Door" are printed on this panel. The two opposite box panels show a yellow Isetta with driver and door closed. The same text was printed. The endflaps were printed with the toy name, its actions, and manufacturer name. Curiously, one panel with the yellow Isetta has a perfect ½" die cut circle punched into it (not shown). I couldn't determine its purpose.

Size: 6½"

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 215


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