1964 Marx Jungle Gunner Playset In Factory Sealed Box

1964 Marx Jungle Gunner Playset In Factory Sealed Box

Here's something you don't see every day! It's a factory sealed 6pc. "Jungle Gunner" playset by Marx in near mint original box. The company advertised it as "all plastic military equipment will really put you in the role of an aggressive jungle fighter".

The box is complete and factory staple sealed on both ends. Just as amazing is the condition; unbelievable near mint without any wear or tears! It's an incredible find.

This is one of a number of toys recently discovered in an Indiana attic. The original owners are grandparents who had bought this and many other toys through a Sears-Roebuck catalog (see last photo). It was purchased for their grand kids when they came over to visit so they wouldn't be bored. And like so much of the collection, it was purchased, attic stored, and promptly forgotten.

It was printed using an unusual combination of 4 contrasting colors; olive green, black, yellow, and orange. Even today that would be an expensive proposition. But it did create the feel of a silhouetted lone "gunner" fighting in a steamy jungle surrounded by huge palms and waving grass. One silhouette show the gunner in a prone position ready to fire. The other shows him standing with his weapon raised above his head about to plunge his bayonet into some unsuspecting enemy. As box illustrations go it's pretty intense!

It's also unusual that there's so little text. The Marx name, catalog number trademark, toy name and contents list. That's it! No manufacturer's address. No suggested playing maneuvers. All very suggestive of the time it was produced. The set was available in 1964 and again in 1966.

And as it says on the box the contents consist of a Machete, Binoculars, (2) Exploding cap Grenades, a Sargent's Helmet complete with jungle netting, and of course a huge .50 cal machine gun with automatic red flashing recoiling muzzle.

One of the box panels still has its two original white shipping stickers. The number 2645 was also stamped on one end.

Size: 24" x 8½" x 8½".

Date Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 349


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