1925 Strauss, Dizzie Lizzie Automobile in Original Box

1925 Strauss, Dizzie Lizzie Automobile in Original Box

Fantastic example of the scarce, "Dizzie Lizzie" sedan produced by the Ferdinand Strauss Corp. New York, N.Y. 100% lithographed tinplate with clockwork powered engine and separate driver. Excellent+ to near mint and it works great! Even more amazing it comes complete with its rarely found original box! It's only the second time I've found the box for this toy.

The toy is often misidentified as Leapin' Lena. This name appears across the entire roof top and is the largest phrase found on the body. The only way to correctly identify the toy is to refer to the original box. 

The Dizzie Lizzie auto has a unique ability to mechanically separate its body into two sections arched upwards at a 45° angle and then rejoin them while still moving. It was the first of many American made toy  "jalopy" automobiles.  It was also the largest. Louis Marx purchased the Strauss company in 1932 and adopted the concept of a college jalopy toy well into the 1970's.

The jet black body is covered with "hip" 1920's college lingo including a large dancing stick figure on the roof. It It has separate front and rear bench seating,  a brass plated radiator and hood ornament, separate driver, and tire rims with lithoed treads. An earlier graffiti-less version was produced in 1919.

The red and black box was printed with a slapstick illustration of Lizzie barreling down the road out of control. It's just knocked down a traffic cop, two lamp posts and a four way stop sign. The cars' occupants yell out the windows while old and young pedestrians run for safety. Even a dog runs for cover. The two remaining panels show Lizzie propped 45° against  a billboard logo which includes the name of the toy. The end flaps were printed with a large, classic Strauss trade mark surrounded by the name and address of the manufacturer.

The last photo shows the original 1925 Strauss ad for this toy. The illustration infers that the auto stands on end and dances. Just "slightly" exaggerated!

Size: 8" x 4¼" x 4".

Sold: Jan. 2007

Price Sold: $ 1026


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